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Prophylaxis Treatments

 Dentistry prophylaxis (illness prevention therapies) are both the tooth care base and a means to avoid many inflictions connected to dental problems. Prophylaxis assets are both medical and aesthetic.
General comfort within the patient’s oral cavity will be increased by casting the tarter and bacteria out from his/her teeth, the patient’s aesthetic appearance will be bettered and he/she will get rid of bad smelling breath. Beside the requested dental procedures from medical reasons, prophylaxis is recommended every 6 months.

Dental prophylaxis procedures include:
• casting the bacterial plague and stains out;
• over and under gingival tarter removing;
• professional tooth brushing;
• Air-Flow cleaning;
• fluorine topic treatment;
• nutritional counseling to checking the dental diseases up;
• oral hygiene briefing – tooth brushing techniques, both dental floss and inter dental small brushes use;
• fillet and fosses sealing;
• anti sensitive gels affixed on the dentine;
• spacing support.

Prophylaxis is the first and the most important stage in tooth care. Obeying prevention directions saves time and effort, as well as it exudes possible dental treatment discomfort. Healthy teeth upkeep depends both on each of us and on the way we execute simple oral hygiene procedures. The food residues remaining on and between the teeth favor bacterial plague and tater to deposit themselves, thus causing dental caries, gum diseases, and tooth losses finally.

First of all, prophylaxis means daily tooth cleaning supplemented and complemented by professional dental cleaning every 6 months. Daily tooth brushing is extremely important, but it is not efficient in removing tarter deposits revolving on the teeth even if the brushing is performed regularly and accurately. Conseqently, deep cleaning and professional tarter removing procedures are required. Only if performed regularly, these procedures could decrease and even eliminate gum diseases appearance risk. Our advice is have these procedures done every 6 months. Rely on our help and pay us a visit! We are looking forward to advising and helping you!

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