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Dental prosthetics

   Dental prosthetics is the dentistry branch whose mission is to provide patients have balanced dentition both from functional and aesthetic points of view.
   Dental prosthetics includes: fix dental prosthetics, mobile prosthetic replacement of the partial missing teeth, mobile prosthetic replacement of the all missing teeth, and more recent prosthetics on implants. Except some cases, dentures are generally rigid appliances made in dental labs.

Dental prosthetic services include:
• total mobile denture for both upper and lower jaws;
• partial mobile denture - acrylic, movable, skeletal;
• mobile denture adjusting, mending and overlay;
• Overlay;
• temporary mobile denture;
• tissue conditioning;
• over denture;
• maxillofacial prosthesis;
• fix denture – bridge body, aggregation element;
• prosthetic works on dental implant.

Dental crown types
The coronary reconstruction is classified according to the used materials; consequently there can be:
• integral ceramic crowns;
• polymeric crowns;
• metallic crowns - noble metals, noble metal alloy, and not noble metal alloy;
• ceramic-metallic crowns – porcelain on metallic support;
• metal – acrylic crowns;
• metal-composite crowns.

Depending on the physiognomic component (aesthetic aspect) dental crowns can be:
• totally physiognomic (the physiognomic material covers all tooth sides) - polymeric or ceramic crowns;
• partially physiognomic (the physiognomic material covers only the visible tooth side) - metal-polymeric crowns, metal-ceramic crowns, metal-composite crowns;
• non physiognomic (metallic crowns).
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