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           Parodontics is the dentistry branch which deals with the periodontium diseases. Periodontitis is the general name for the inflammation and degenerative affections of the tooth sustaining tissue. The disease is more frequent to the adults, and less frequent to children. The inflammatory forms can have a sudden debut althogh their development is generally slow.

The inflammatory forms of the parodontics illnesses are:
- gingivitis: they lead to gum sensitivity and sudden bleeding or when brushing the teeth; gingivitis can be incipient, moderate or severe; their clinic symptoms are gum stomatorrhagia, rubefaction, ulceration and edema due to bacterial plague deposits;
- periodontitis: the bacterial plague turns into tarter thus periodontal sacks between tooth and gum being formed;
- advanced periodontitis: they lead both to the bone decay and to periodontal ligament with the tooth loss consequence;
- parodontosis are degenerative forms characterized by bone and gum recess with or without additional inflammation phenomena.

This morbidity causes are numerous and different. Factors like the genetic, endocrine , psychological, environmental ones, professional illnesses, vicious habits, unhealthy nurturing stile and way of life (also surnamed “the civilization illness”) are generally blamed. Still, the most important factor is the tarter deposited at the tooth base which causes chronic mechanic irritation and is a perfect environment for bacterial plague development. The poisoning substances consequent on the bacterial metabolism cause the inflammation which is practically the parodontosis first stage.

A healthy gum is pink, is well attached to the tooth and the papilla (the gum area separating the teeth) is upright and not bleeding when brushing it. A sick gum is reddish and bulged or pale and recessed; it bleeds easily and tarter deposits can be often seen at the tooth base. This is the preliminary stage to parodontosis and it is named gingivitis.

As times go on, the tooth sustaining tissues start to decay. There appear the gingival sacks. Consequently the tarter deposits can penetrate under the gum edge without being stopped and become inaccessible when brushing the teeth. Various bacteria develop within the gingival sacks causing increasing inflammation and the purulent secretions. They attack the periodontium violently. The teeth lose their stability, they become mobile and over sensitive because, actually, they lose the bone sustaining them.

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