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            Orthodontics is a branch in dentistry which study and treat the malocclusions (a malocclusion is a “wrong bite”) which is a result of the teeth irregularity and of the inter maxillary disproportionate relations or both together. Orthodontic treatment can focus on moving the teeth, or on controlling and modifying the facial development. When referring to modifying the facial development the branch is called “dent facial orthopedics”.

The orthodontic procedures include:
• orthodontic treatment limited to the primary, mixed, adolescent and adult permanent dentition;
• interceptive orthodontic treatment for primary and mixed dentition;
• comprehensive orthodontic treatment for mixed and adolescent permanent dentition;
• complex orthodontic treatment for adult dentition;
• orthodontic treatment with movable appliances;
• orthodontic treatment with fix appliances;
• pre orthodontic treatment;
• orthodontic retention;
• orthodontic appliance mending;
• orthodontic appliance component replacement.

The orthodontic treatment can be started from reasons exclusively related to aesthetics, that is improving the patient’s tooth general appearance. Yet, there are orthodontic professionals who manage to reshape the whole facial appearance instead of focusing on correcting the teeth appearance.

Orthodontics for children

  The first visit to the orthodontics professional would be best to take place when the child is about 7 years old, thus the doctor could see whether an orthodontic treatment were required and what the best time for patient’s treatment start would be. At this age the first permanent molars and the incisors have already irrupted and the occlusion problems can be assessed (crossed occlusion, tooth jams or other problems). When the treatment starts early, the orthodontic doctor can guide both the upper or lower jaw development and the permanent tooth irruption. Early treatment can also adjust the dental vault width, can make room for the permanent teeth, avoid the need to pull out permanent teeth, decrease the possibility to affect the permanent teeth, correct vicious habits like thumb sucking and can exude abnormal deglutition or speech problems. In other words early treatment can simplify the next later treatment.

Orthodontics for adults

  People of all ages look for a beautiful smile. Age has never been a reason to avoid the mispositioned or crooked tooth straightening. Using different types of appliances we can tailor the specific care according to your needs and way of life, in order to provide you all comfort and your wished aesthetic appearance.

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