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8 Teeth Can Be Treated Within One Appointment

          Yes, It Is Possible ! 8 Teeth Can Be Treated Within One Appointment With The Dental Doctor!!!

  Many patients, who come daily to the dental specialist, are dissatisfied with the big needed appointment number related to more teeth treatment. Some patients would say “I am bothered I can’t solve all my problems within one appointment, I’ve got also some other things to do, my time is short and I can’t come to your clinic daily!.
It is easy to understand, especially today, when everybody tries to make his/her time more effective, that people are very busy and have problems when they have to respect the dentist appointments, especially if we talk about 5, 10 or even 20 visits sometimes. There are also some patients, who prefer to finish the treatment within few appointments as they feel anxious when visiting the dentist.

  No matter what the real cause is, here, at Dent GAN Clinic, we have the adequate equipment, and are trained to limit the necessary appointments, so that you needed not coming only to treat one tooth within one appointment, as it generally happens. You must know some facts about the differences among the dental procedures in order to understand better what is the necessary appointment number for a dental treatment. For instance, one single appointment is needed for an obturation or for a tooth removal, and the dentist generally treats only one tooth within one appointment.
A channel treatment (nerve removal) usually takes 2 or 3 appointments, depending on the disease severity. A ceramic crown covering one or more teeth may need 3 to 5 appointments. Consequently, if you need one or more such treatments, you can figure out by yourself how many appointments with the dentist are necessary. Fortunately, here, at Dent GAN Clinic, we can treat a big part of the patients’ dental problems within 1-3 appointments, if they can’t or don’t want to come several times. Yet, for this you must be prepared to have a 2-3 hours appointment with us, depending on the treatment we are to provide. But, don’t worry, you will have rest and relaxing breaks during the treatment, local anesthesia and adequate medication post treatment. During the breaks you can watch TV films or shows under our personnel close watch, in order to limit any possible discomfort.

  Normally, a man has 32 teeth (16 on the upper arch and 16 on the lower arch), which are divided within 4 half arches (upper right, upper left, lower left and lower right), each arch containing 8 teeth. Taking this into consideration, and due to the newest available technology and dental materials our clinic uses, we are able to treat maximum 8 teeth (placed on the same half arch), within one appointment, depending on the problem gravity! In order to make sure what we say is real, all you can do is to make an appointment for a free examination with Dent GAN Clinic, where all this procedure details will be leisurely explained to you!!!

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