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A Life Without Caries

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8 Teeth,One Single Appointment

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From Fix to Mobile, Implant

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The Invisible Device

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Dental Services

Here are the most important dental services provided by our clinic:

  • Dental Aesthetics – Implants
  • Prophylaxis Treatments
  • Odontology – Endodontics
  • Dental Prosthetics (Restaurative)
  • Oral Surgery
  • Orthodontics
  • Parodontics
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Odontal Treatments 30% DISCOUNT
Endodontics Treatments 20% DISCOUNT
Prosthetics Treatments 20% DISCOUNT


What our customers say about us::

Dent Gan Clinic is a different kind of a clinic: a young, attentive and dedicated team, very punctual, I didn’t wait at all, the treatment started on the scheduled hour. The medical tools were sterilized and wrapped in single use bags, including the needles and the drills. I HAD NO PAIN AT ALL, either during or after the treatment. I am very satisfied.
Tudorache Silviu, 36 years
My mother brought me to this clinic to have a small tooth pulled out. I was very frightened by the people wearing medical uniforms as all children are. Although we know they want to help us, we are afraid. Yet, I had a nice surprise at Dent GAN clinic. While they were pulling out my hurting tooth I was watching cartoons on TV and I didn’t feel a thing! I must go there again once more as now I have a small caries bothering me. But I am not afraid at all anymore and I am looking forward to going there again.
Andreea Florea, 7 years
I was to go to a wedding party and I had to treat my teeth. I was in a hurry, as I hadn’t treated them for a long time ( I lacked the money and the time). I found this clinic and within a week they restored and treated my teeth at very DECENT FEES. They made a 6 element ceramic bridge for me very fast. I am very satisfied with their quality services. Dent GAN doctors are reliable and honest.
Popescu Ionel, 48 years
I live on a small retirement. I used to have a denture which had broken and I was terrified thinking of the money I was to pay for a new one. But I was fortunate to find Dent GAN and the young reliable doctors working there. They understood my problem and agreed to my PAYING INSTALLMENTS for the treatments. Everything went on well, they were very serious and kept their word. I am very satisfied and I recommend them to everyone with all my heart.
Maria Gherman, 68 years

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