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Dental implantology

      The dental implant treatment is the safest means to replace missing teeth. A dental implant is able to re-frame completely the tooth aesthetic and functioning aspects completely.
    Dental implants can change the people’s way of life totally. They are designed to anchor the replacement teeth, whose aspect, texture and function are similar to those of the natural teeth. The person who lost his/her teeth can have back his/her ability to eat almost anything and can smile without any fear knowing his/her new teeth look natural and are fixed. The face lines become aesthetic again and the facial general appearance looks younger. Consequently, patients, having dental implants, can rely on their smile, and this is a positive asset to their mind and behavior.
    One of the most frequent questions a dentist is asked is whether the human body rejects the titanium implants or not. Our answer, based on dentistry literature and practice, is definitely: THERE IS NOT SUCH A THING! Titanium implants have been used by orthopedic surgery for tens of years without being rejected by the bodies. Titanium has the property to attract the proteins to it and not to reject them.
    Before starting the procedures for dental implanting some usual checks are made: first, the oral tissues (which must be healthy); second, the diseases the patient is suffering from (hepatic, metabolic, renal, heart and oncologic diseases) as their presence could detain the bone recovery.

The dental implant role:
  • it replaces the lost tooth root and prevent the neighboring teeth migration;
  • it allows fixed prosthesis use instead of mobile ones;
  • it stops the bone atrophy process;
  • it prevents the gum back down and bone resorption;
  • it plays an essential part in dental bio aesthetics;
  • the implant is more easily to be taken care of and it neutralizes the mastication and phonation deficiencies caused by the other alternatives provided by dentistry;
  • surgical intervention on the teeth neighboring the teeth missing area is avoided: in case of an implant, the dentist works only on the tooth/teeth area, he/she is going to replace;
  • the patient’s comfort when treated by a dental implant is very close to the comfort provided by a natural tooth;
  • the dental implant replaces the tooth root, thus the bone level is preserved within optimal aesthetic and functional limits;
  • it ameliorates the mastication and the phonation deficiencies;
  • the physiognomy improves.

   Do not hesitate to ask for our clinic specialists’ help. Due to their experience in dental implantology and to the best medical technology they will be happy to answer to your every question and to offer you personal tailored treatment plans, including the smallest detail.

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