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As we use the most developed available equipment, materials and dental procedures, we can offer bails to our patients for the performed treatments in our clinic:

• Fix dentures: 3 years (bridges, crowns, veneers)
• Dental implants: 5 years
• Composite obturations (fillings): 3 years
• Partial dentures: 3 years
• Total dentures: 3 years
• Mobile dentures fixed on dental implants: 3 years

The bail goal is to reassure the patient that the dental treatments provided by our clinic are safe, accurate and have a long lasting effect. Dent GAN Clinic considers any sudden changes happened to the patient’s dental work evolution and agrees to bear the necessary costs related to both the patient’s health and his/her teeth appearance recovery.

Bail Conditions

The bail will be withdrawn or diminished under the following conditions:

• If the oral hygiene is neglected; • If the dental specialist’s directions are not obeyed;
• If the patient does not return to the clinic every 6 months for checkups and prophylaxes;
• If the mobile dental appliances (e.g. partial or total dentures) are not accurately preserved and taken care of by using specific products;
• If the patient’s general health state has negative effects on his/her dental health condition (e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporoses, post-chemical therapy conditions);
• No bail is given for the temporary prosthetic works;
• The bail is disputable in case the patient has periodontic problems (dental tissue physiological atrophy);
• No bail is given for stitch thread removing treatment after the performed surgery or after rebasing the denture;
• No bail is given for dental work damages due to external causes: fallings, strikes, accidents, etc;
• No bail is given without a full treatment payment.

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