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Our philosophy

Dear Madams,/Dear Sirs,

I understand that choosing a new dental specialist might be a challenge, which can make unsafe in the beginning. Let me welcome you to our clinic and to inform you about some services we provide with our patients.
Our mission is first to help our patients to get rid of the racking teeth pains, and then to treat them so that their smile be bright, their oral cavity be perfectly healthy and their life quality be better.

In other words, we can help you to become as healthy as you choose. Instead of telling you how healthy you should be, we will help you understand the options concerning your oral health, and then you can make the right informed decision.

There are five levels we use when examining patients in our clinic:

Level 1 – Emergency treatment (patients with emergency problems, e.g. pain, swelling, bleeding, who must be immediately treated): We examine and take care of them as soon as possible, generally between already appointed patients;

Level 2 – Retrieval Treatment: Patients, who choose this healing level, generally wish to be treated only when something is broken, or has become uncomfortable. Consequently, they usually wish attention to be paid only to that  limited problem and they want to immediately solve it at the minimum lowest effort and cost, without being interested in the rest of their dental problems.

Level 3  – Self healing: Patients choosing this level want to have a comprehensive examination and take active part in healing and preventing their present and future dental problems. Yet, these patients usually choose the mending solution, which is a short term one. They do not pay attention to cyclic checkups (necessary every 6 months) and they come to the clinic only when they have another dental problem.

Level 4 – Comprehensive Dental Service: Patients who choose this level resemble the patients described with Level 3. They choose to have a comprehensive examination. They also decide to have a Full Treatment Plan which should include the necessary steps to be taken for a long term treatment requested to preserve their oral health. These patients are generally very concerned to treat the dental disease cause, not only the symptom. They wish the performed dental treatment to last as long as possible, yet they “forget” to have their cyclic checkups done every 6 months.

Level 5  – “I Must Look the Best Possible”: Patients included in this group, actually belong to Level 4 when health is concerned. In spite of this, they want to have the best facial appearance constantly. They know their smile is one of their first feature noticed by other people in them and consequently they want to give the others a first excellent impression. Fortunately to them, they are the first to have the cyclic checkups done every 6 months.

We hope our describing these Levels makes sense to you. Very often, patients start with a lower Level and make progress to a higher one in time. I am here, together with my team, to help you in discovering and deciding what level is the most comfortable to you.
Thank you for the opportunity of being at your service and of offering the best dental treatments suitable to you and to your needs.

Dr. Guta Andrei-Nicolae
General Ododontics Specialist Doctor
MBA in Protetic Implant Supported Reconstruction
Coordinating Manager with Dent GAN Clinic

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