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  As its name indicates, dental aesthetics means improving and preserving the natural beauty of your teeth and includes both conservative and state of art procedures aiming beautiful, bright and long lasting smiles fitting all your other face esthetics elements.
  Traditional dentistry focuses on oral hygiene, prevention, diagnostic routine and oral affection treatment, whereas dental aesthetics focuses on bettering the teeth, mouth and smile appearance.
  When talking about oral health we mean beautiful and healthy teeth. Smiling and laughing people are healthy people, whose teeth are not damaged or sick. They interact and relate with other people more easily, in a natural, rakish manner. Very often, people having a bright smile, showing beautiful and healthy teeth climb up their professional ladder faster. Any physical appearance improvements lead to self trust and esteem increase, and the smile is one of the first things drawing attention on a person. Thus, we can turn our beautiful teeth to our successful calling card.

  The dental esthetics procedures include: • Germ plague and stain clearance;
• Cosmetic odontoplasty – reshaping a previous existing obturation;
• Over and under gingival detartrate ;
• Micro (gingival & teeth) abrasion;
• Teeth whitening at the clinic;
• Teeth whitening at the patient’s home;
• Dental polishing and reshaping;
• Porcelain dental crowns;
• Zirconium dental crowns;
• Dental implants;
• Dental bonding;
• Composite (tooth-colored) photo polymerizable obturations;
• Aesthetic gum surgery;
• Dental jewels;
• Tooth enamel reshaping.

  Aesthetic dentistry is more and more successful as the services it provides have become more and more accessible. More patients apply for it as aesthetic dentistry both enhances dental-jaw apparatus functioning and helps them to have a more pleasant facial appearance, to have better social relations and to increase their self esteem and trust.

  Aesthetic dentistry offers many possibilities to the persons dissatisfied by their own smiles. Are you one of those persons? We invite you to visit our clinic, to discuss with our specialists and to find out more about the available different treatments which can glamorize your smile.

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