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   Endodontics is a dental speciality, which deals with dental pulp and apical area disease prevention, diagnose, and treatment. The dental pulp is a soft tissue formed of blood vessels and nerves and situated inside the tooth. Radicular channel treatment is needed when the pulp gets inflamed or dies.
The endodontics treatment generally consists of inflamed or rotten tissue removal, as well as the removal of the organic residues deposited in the radicular channels. After this removal, the radicular channels are obturated with bio-compatible materials.

Some of the endodontic procedures we perform in our clinic are:
• Pulp treatment: direct and indirect pulp cleansing, radicular channel mechano-chemical preparation, channel obturation, partial or total pulp removal;
• Apical Surgery: peri-apical curettage, apical resection, retrograde channel obturation, radicular perforation sealing, radicular resorbtion treatment, radicular separation;
• Endodontic treatment and retreatment;
• Apexification / Recalcification;
• Whitening of the teeth endodontic treated;
• Radicular amputation;
• Hemisection.

   Endodontic treatment uses several procedures in order to maintain the dental pulp (the tooth inner part formed of blood vessels and nerves) healthy state.
When the pulp is sick or injured the endodontic procedures (radicular obturation) are performed in order to keep the apical tissue normality, and when the apical periodontium is inflamed (the pulp infection is spread) the endodontic treatment (radicular obturation with or without endodontic surgical interventions) is meant to improve the apical tissue health.
Alternatives to the endodontic tretment When the dental pulp is affected, the only alternative to the endodontic treatment is the tooth extraction. In order to preserve the mastication function and to avoid the tooth disalignment , the removed tooth must be replaced by a prosthetic one, by an implant, or by a dental bridge. Yet these alternative procedures are expensive and need more time than the natural tooth endodontic treatment and reconstraction.
   The radicular channel obturation known also as “nerve removal” is performed when the sick dental pulp is not able to recover anymore and keeps on inflaming, becoming rotten finally. Total pulp removal is necessary in order to avoid the inflammation and the infection spread to the surrounding tissues.
   The pulp gets usually sick when there is a deep caries in the tooth or after a dental trauma. The dental treatment ultimate goal is preserving the natural tooth, and the channel obturation is a less expensive alternative. The endodontic treatment is also necessary (for prosthetic reason) before making the “dental crowns”.

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