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The Diga

We Use DIGA for a Higher Treatment Quality!!!

Diga is a simple thin latex sheet which is bound to the tooth/teeth which are to be treated, by a clasp. There are many advantages in using the diga, such as:

- The dentist can see the tooth/teeth he is to treat better. By giving a constant contrast color diga enables the doctor see all tooth sides.
- Diga helps keeping the tooth dry – the tooth must be dry so that the composite (tooth color) obturations (fillings) to be “stuck” on it. Diga is the one to grant the success by keeping the tooth dry.
- It protects the patient in several ways:

• It prevents the patient from swallowing or inhaling all the tooth rests coming from its shaping;
• It prevents the patient from the irritation of the chemicals associated to the dental treatments, e.g. the chemicals used to disinfect the root channel or the acid used to the fillings before the composite affixation;
• It protects the patient’s tongue and cheeks from the dental cutter;

- It helps the tooth to be isolated from the mouth bacteria – this is very important especially when channel treatments are involved (nerve removal) and when very big obturations are affixed within deep cavities where the pulp is close. It is very important to keep the tooth pulp and the inner part of the root channel far from the bacteria living in the mouth.
- It can shorten the procedure time length – when we use the diga, there is no more problem with the tongue (which is always disturbing),thus the doctor can do his work more easily as there is nothing else left to draw his/her attention. Under these circumstances the doctor’s efficiency increases and the patient can live the clinic faster.
- It can calm down the patient. – When the diga is set, the sensation that the doctor is working in the patient’s mouth vanishes. The diga builds a kind of protection barrier between the patient’s body and the doctor, and this is helpful to the patients who are afraid of the dental procedures.
- It protects the doctor and his assistant nurse from any disease the patient may suffer from. Have you known that, when using the dental cutter on one of your tooth for 30 seconds, the doctor is subjected to the same bacteria number as if you directly sneezed into his/her face?
- Diga provides you, as a patient, a better quality of the dental reconstruction.

Part of the dentist doctors think setting the diga takes too much time and patients don’t like it. To be honest, it takes some time to set the diga to the patient’s teeth. Some holes must be made in the diga for each tooth and then to place a clasp on the tooth to set the diga on it. Then the dental floss must be used to set the diga between the teeth. Ever since I started working, I have used the diga every time for fillings or channel treatments (nerve removal) and, consequently, performing this so often, the necessary setting time shortened considerably. After the anesthesia is done, time is needed for it to be effective, consequently, within this time the doctor can set the diga. And, as mentioned before, by using the diga the total treatment time is shortened.

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