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OMF Surgery

           Oral surgery is the medical branch which deals with treating the mouth, tooth and jaws pathology.  We generally talk about oral-maxillofacial surgery which actually combines oral surgery with the facial, sinuses and throat surgery. The oral surgery treats the contagious pathology, abcesses, cysts and other tumor formations, salivary gland lithiasis, wisdom teeth removal, reconstruction of parodontics obsolete jaws, tooth losses, and so on.

Surgical procedures made by means of OMF surgery:

tooth removals;
• dental reshaping using dental implants;
• gum reshaping;
• tooth-paradontic disease treatment;
• upper and law jaw fracture treatment;
• dento-maxillo abnormality treatment;
• oral cavity tumor resection;

• apical resection;
• bone addition;
• sinuses lifting;

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