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The Invisible Device

Would you like to have straight teeth and a perfect smile?

Incognito is the solution name!

Have you always wished an impeccable smile, haven’t you? Now, everyone can have a perfect smile in a short time due to the dentistry development. When wearing the incognito invisible dental appliance the others will notice only the result: your brilliant smile, your better look and your more self trust!

Here are some of the incognito invisible dental appliance wear advantages:
- it is invisible from outside – this appliance has the name of its main feature, that its it is invisible. Being set on the teeth inner side, incognito is impossible to be seen by the others. Consequently, nobody will know your impeccable smile secret !
- it is easy to wear – the reason for which this incognito invisible dental appliance is so prompted within the USA is that, when wearing it, the discomfort is minimum. Due to its structure and to the way it is set, incognito prevents speaking defects and the unpleasant sensations produced by classical dental appliances.
- it is 100% tailored to each patient - incognito invisible dental appliance is totally tailored to each patient, and it is more accurate by means of modern technology. Thus the patient is sure he/she will get the wished outcome, no matter his/her problem gravity.
- the treatment is shorter – another incognito invisible dental appliance major advantage is that the treatment is much shorter compared to the classical dental appliance treatment time. Both the precise action and the material it is made of result in a faster outcome getting, and implicitly fewer appointments with the dentist.
- the outcome is undelayed - in the classical dental appliances case, the teeth straightening process is slower, consequently outcomes can be seen within the first months, whereas the outcome is undelayed by means of incognito invisible dental appliance;
- being made of high purity gold, incognito invisible dental appliance excludes the allergy burst risk completely, and decreases the caries apparition probability.

What are the steps to be taken in order to wear an incognito invisible dental appliance?
- Both the general face examination and analyzing: face line, dentition, smile;
- Demonstrative description before and after the treatment;
- The incognito invisible dental appliance is produced within 6 weeks in German labs.
- Setting and monitoring the treatment evolution, every 6 week checkups.

In order to improve the visible appearance of their dentition, adults generally take a dental procedure with spectacular outcome: dental veneers. Dental veneers can both totally change the smile appearance and bring more self confidence to the patient. Yet, there are situations when the dental aesthetic problems can’t be solved by means of dental veneers. Consequently, under these situations, wearing an incognito invisible dental appliance is recommended. .

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